Politicians Are Calling For An Investigation Into The Use Of Parliamentary Entitlements

Getty/ Putu Sayoga

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended his use of taxpayers dollars to compete in a Port Macquarie Ironman competition during his time as Opposition Leader, saying it was “a very serious act of community engagement.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Abbott who claimed $941 for flights and $349 for accommodation in 2011, has said he attended other community events in the marginal electorate during the visit.

The Prime Minister also recently refunded taxpayers for attending the weddings of former Coalition colleagues, adding to the list of politicians accused of misusing parliamentary entitlements.

Others include Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce, Backbencher Teresa Gambaro and Attorney-General George Brandis.

The scandal has many politicians including Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus calling for the Department of Finance to investigate politicians’ entitlements across the Parliament, reports the SMH.

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