Politicians And Banks Are Among Australia's Most Engaging Facebook Brands

Banks and politicians are among the most active Australian brands on Facebook, with fans of Malcolm Turnbull, Christine Milne and American Express more likely to comment on, “like” or “share” their posts.

Social media analytics firm Social Pulse today reported that while TV shows, airlines and retailers tended to attract the most fans on Facebook, people who “liked” politicians, radio and news outlets, sporting clubs and banks tended to be most engaged.

More than 1 million Australians “liked” Facebook pages related to politics and politicians, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party of Australia boasting the most fans in September with 253,829 and 198,798 fans respectively.

Tony Abbott fans were also highly engaged, with 1 in 5 fans likely to “talk about the brand” during any given week. But Abbott fans’ engagement rate of 20.7% still fell behind those of Greens leader Christine Milne (42.1%), the Australian Greens (36.2%) and the ALP (30.6%) and Malcolm Turnbull (27.7%).

Within the banking sector, Commonwealth Bank had the most fans by far, with 492,100 of the total 1.18 million-fan pool. But American Express accounted for almost two-thirds of the total finance-related chatter, largely due to likes and shares about its concert pre-sales.

Westpac far outperformed its big four competitors by share of engagement (8.6%) and engagement rate. Its email scam alert was by far the most-shared post in the sector, with 3,150 shares during the month of September compared to 464 for the second-most shared post.

Banks were also among the fastest to respond to fans’ Facebook posts, with an average response time of 54 minutes for the sector.

Social Pulse managing director Lucio Ribeiro said that although social media was a “relatively new channel” for customer service, more than 20% of all Australians had used Facebook or other social media channels to complain, and 10% had used it to seek help with an issue.

There’s more data in the two reports.

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