15 Gifts For The Political Junkie In Your Life

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Do you have a politically obsessive person on your list this year?

Whether they prefer the neutral “Happy Holidays” or are a frontline soldier in the War on Christmas, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best presents for the political junkie in your life.

Heat-activated Global Warming mug

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild has a number of great products for the politically involved.

If you're buying for an environmentalist, you've got to check out this mug.

When it's empty, there's a standard map of the world.

When you pour in hot liquid, the seas rise and show a post-climate change map.

Unemployed Philosophers Guild: $15

Are you in a relationship with a partisan hack?

Get them these innovative undergarments, from Etsy.

SoloJones/Etsy: $25.00

(GOP Version)

BONUS: Ron Paul Thong -- $10

A life-size poster of their favourite vice presidential candidate

This six-foot-two, life-sized poster of 2012 Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan is a tasteful addition to any Republican's wall.

As product reviewer mkayreagan puts it: 'Quality is excellent, sturdy enough to hold til 2016.'

Amazon: $39

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A beer home brew system

With the release of the White House beer recipes to the masses, anyone can now make their own version of the White House Honey Ale and Porter in their basement.

To do that, though, they'll need a home brewing system, like this one, from Mr. Beer.

While honey from the White House apiary may be a bit difficult for Santa to pull off, this gift is perfect for fans of Obama, beer, or both.

Mr. Beer: from $50

The Ron Paul Sledding Christmas Ornament

Have a Ron Paul fan in your life with an empty tree? Get them this!

Etsy, $8

An Official Barack Obama Dog t-shirt

Do you love Obama but hate your dog?

This one's for you,

Obama For America Store: $25

Heat changing Supreme Court case mug

If you've got a future Supreme Court Justice on your list, get them this.

When the mug heats up, the losers of the cases fade and only the winners remain. See this GIF.

Unemployed Philosopher's Guild: $13

Nate Silver's new book

Political stats guru Nate Silver pointed at the fences and called his shot this year, and since the election, his book The Signal and the Noise skyrocketed to the top of the charts.

Amazon: $16.35

The GOP apron and spatula set

The GOP has a great store that's worth a look if you're in search of a gift for your right-leaning friends and family members.

This, though, is probably the best thing in the store.

A 'Cooking Right' red apron with an elephant logo spatula is the perfect gift for the outdoorsy Republican in your home.

Just make sure that the grill runs on gas.

GOP Shop, $50

Hillary Clinton swag

Hillary Clinton racked up a whole lot of debt when she ran against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

To pay off some of that campaign debt, there's still a store full of excellent Hillary gear.

If you want to be ready for 2016, check it out.

Hillary Clinton Store: $15-$500

Discount Obama campaign gear.

While the Barack Obama store has been mostly cleaned out, there are a few special deals and clearance sales for gift-buyers on a budget.

Stock up on buttons, shirts, placards, and more from the successful presidential campaign of 2012.

Obama For America Store

The Tim Pawlenty 2012 burnout tee

Are you related to one of the 2,293 people who voted for Tim Pawlenty in the Iowa Straw poll? Are they still obsessed with the governor-turned-lobbyist?

Get them this Tim Pawlenty 2012 Burnout Tee from Victory Store. At least they'll never show up to a party wearing the same outfit as someone else.

Victory Store: $25

Finally, a gift that both Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party can come together on.

Etsy, $20

Retro campaign t-shirts

If your politico had a rough year and want to reminisce to the good times, check out RetroCampaign's t-shirts.

With classic slogans and great design of 'could-have-been' shirts for everyone from Teddy Roosevelt to George McGovern, they're a great gift.

RetroCampaigns: from $20

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