Political Attack Ads Come To Facebook

This election cycle the candidates learned to use social networks to collect “friends” and organise supporters. (Barack Obama: 836,528 Facebook supporters) But will negative campaigning also work?

MoveOn.org is going to find out. The group launched a Facebook group, “Bush & McCain: Can you tell the difference” on Thursday. The homepage links to MoveOn.org’s online quiz, which it claims has had 500,000 players.

Unfortunately for Facebook — and MySpace (NWS), for that matter — it appears that the while campaigns and advocacy groups are spending plenty of time and effort on social networking sites, they aren’t spending much money there. The campaigns focus the little Web spending they do spread around on local sites, while MoveOn.org and other groups are spending its cash on political blogs and YouTube.

Below, the most famous attack ad in presidential political history:


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