Here's a polite way to end a conversation with someone you don't want to talk to

Coauthor of “The Art of Manliness” Brett Mckay explains how you can politely end a conversation with someone you don’t want to talk to. Following is a transcript of the video.

You’ve probably all been in those conversations — that guy you don’t really want to talk to and he just keeps going and going and going. So how do you end that in a way that’s not awkward and makes the person feel uncomfortable? So the main thing is look for a lull in the conversation where you are kind of like, “Well, anyways.” Use that as a time to say, “Hey, it’s been great talking to you but I got to go fill up on a drink” or “There is someone here I need to go talk to before they leave.” So have an excuse to get out — a legitimate excuse, don’t just make something up because that could get awkward too. Another way to do — to get out when there is that lull in the conversation, say, “Hey, I want to introduce you to someone, I think you’ll have lot in common” and then take that person over there but make sure the person that you are dumping that person off actually would get something out of that conversation because that would just be rude — if there was anything there. And sometimes you just got to be up-front and just say, “Hey, it’s been great talking to you but I got to go” and then leave it at that. So just look for that lull, they always happen and then find an out with that.

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