Polish official: I am 99% sure that the Nazi ghost train was found

Nazi trainScreengrabUnderground train found in tunnel in Polish town of Walbrzych.

Poland’s culture minister Piotr Zuchowski is “99%convinced” that a Nazi military ghost train is buried near the southwestern city of Walbrzych, the BBC reports.

During a news conference, Zuchowski referred to ground-penetrating radar images which show an armoured train equipped with gun turrets.

Earlier this month, two men claimed they found a lost second world war train carrying stolen loot, which prompted military history buffs and rail enthusiasts to hunt for the train.

Calling it an “exceptional find,” Zuchowski said a deathbed confession from an unidentified man helped officials confirm the site.

Zuchowski asked people to stop searching for the train, saying, “There’s a huge probability that the train is booby-trapped.”

In order to secretly transport cargo, the Nazi’s built several underground tunnels in the mountainous region of Walbrzych during the second world war.

The 300-foot-long train is located along a 13,000 foot track between the Polish towns of Wroclaw and Walbrzych.

According to local folklore, the German train is believed to have vanished in 1945 with stolen gold, gems, and weapons while fleeing the Russians.

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