Police: 11 Midwestern Walmart Bomb Threats Could Be Connected


Photo: Walmart

Eight Missouri Walmarts and three in Kansas received bomb threats over the phone, and police now believe they’ve found the number from which all the calls were made.The threats began with a call at 6:45 p.m. on Friday to a Fredricktown, Mo., Walmart that warned of a bomb in the building, ABC News reported Monday. The automated call gave the store two hours to evacuate the building.

“We have the telephone number that came in,” Fredericktown, Mo., Police Chief Eric Hovissaid told ABC News. “We are actively pursuing and investigating that number at this time. I do believe all of these are connected.”

Other Walmart locations across Missouri and Kansas received similar calls, leading authorities to believe the same suspect is making the threats.

“You had a number of them Friday night in Missouri, and so could that have been the same person?” former FBI profiler Brad Garrett told ABC News. “Obviously the caller has got some issue with Walmart. They got fired perhaps … they had some issue with Walmart in the present or the past.”

A Walmart spokesman told ABC News the company is working with police to nail down the caller.

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