British Police Smash The Window Of A Mercedes In Attempt To Save Toy Dog

toy cute dog

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In a story that we thought we’d be reading in the Onion rather than the BBC, officers with the Nottinghamshire Police smashed their way into a motorist’s parked car to “save” a toy stuffed dog.The department received a call from a concerned passer-by, saying they believed a dog had been left in the back of a locked car in a car park in Church Lane, Mansfield.

Once police had broken the window of the Mercedes-Benz to save the animal, they discovered it was nothing more than a stuffed toy.

A spokesman for the force said they would now be discussing compensation with the owner of the car, who was reported by the BBC to be 80-year-old Gordon Williams. Williams reported the cost to repair the window would be around $288.

This post was originally published by Jalopnik.