Police Are Searching For A Three-Quarter Tonne Rock Stolen From Canberra Last Week

Bendigo Rock, before and after the theft / National Rock Garden

Australian police are looking for a 750kg boulder that was stolen from Canberra’s National Rock Garden on Thursday night.

The metre-long sandstone and quartz rock was one of three that formed “Bendigo Rock”. It came from a gold mine in Bendigo and was the state of Victoria’s contribution to the rock garden’s Federation Rocks display.

The theft was noticed on Friday morning; National Rock Garden chairman Brad Pillans said thieves would have needed a truck and crane to steal the rock, which the Bendigo Advertiser dubbed “Ben” (the larger rocks it rested on were called Digo).

Pillans told ABC News that thieves may have stolen the rock to extract the small amount of gold it contained. He said they would get half an ounce of gold at most.

“The silly thing is they’ve caused thousands of dollars of damage to the exhibition and taken a rock which will be very difficult to replace, all for perhaps $200 worth of gold,” he told ABC.

Anyone with more information on “Ben’s” whereabouts may contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or www.act.crimestoppers.com.au.

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