POLICE REPORT: Toronto Mayor Allegedly Seen Snorting Cocaine With A Prostitute On St. Patrick's Day

A waiter told police investigators that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford might have snorted cocaine with a woman believed to be a prostitute during a St. Patrick’s Day bash, according to court documents.

The Toronto Sun reported on the contents of the unsealed documents Wednesday afternoon. They’re part of a police investigation that involves Ford, who recently admitted to smoking crack cocaine in a “drunken stupor.”

The waiter, who works for Bier Markt in Toronto, reportedly told police that on St. Patrick’s Day last year, he saw Ford and a woman in a private room “turned in towards each other with their heads down” and heard “2 sniffs from both of them.”

Later that night, a Ford staffer reportedly approached him and said, “Don’t tell anyone about what you saw here tonight,” according to Toronto Star reporter Jennifer Pagliaro.

A Ford staffer reportedly told police that he believed the women Ford was with that night were prostitutes.

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