Police report related to the rumoured Dez Bryant video describes an incident in a Wal-Mart parking lot in 2011

NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport published a police report related to the incident that’s allegedly depicted on the rumoured Dez Bryant video that has been the talk of the NFL world over the last several days.

The report describes an incident at a Texas Wal-Mart in 2011. Bryant was one of several people police talked to after getting a call of a “disturbance” in the parking lot involving a 23-year-old woman. After interviewing all parties involved, the officer determined that there was no offence and everyone was let go.

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, who first mentioned the rumoured existence of the video, has previously said the video could have a “Ray Rice-type of impact” if released.

According to the police report — which can be read in full below —  an officer was dispatched to the Walmart in Lancaster, Texas on the morning of July 11, 2011 after someone called to report a woman being “dragged” from one car to another by a black male in the parking lot. That woman was Ilyne Nash.

A security guard told the officer that when he arrived on the scene no one was there and the only car was a white Mercedes with the door open. That Mercedes was registered to Bryant. Shortly after the guard arrived, two men showed up in a black Escalade that was also registered to Bryant, according to the report. Those men, Carl King and Christopher Mitchell, said Nash called them and asked them to pick up her car.

As King and Mitchell were being interviewed by the officer, Nash and Bryant pulled into the parking lot in a white Bentley, which was also registered to Bryant. Nash told the officer that she had gotten into an argument with another man, Alex Penson.

“Nash stated she was not assaulted or injured in any way and that it was just an argument with Penson,” the police report says.

Nash told the officer she left the parking lot with Penson after the argument, had him drop her off at a friend’s house, and then called Bryant to pick her up.

Bryant told the officer that Nash called him to pick her up at her friend’s house and drove her to the Wal-Mart for “support.”

“After speaking with all parties involved, it was determined that there was no offence. All parties were advised they were free to go,” the officer concluded in the report.

Florio says this is consistent with what he’s hearing about the video:

No one was charged with any crime.

Nash and Bryant appear to have two children together. A 2010 report by Michael Silver of Yahoo described her as his “girlfriend,” and said they had a son due in July of that year.

In November of 2014 Nash posted an Instagram of herself, Bryant, and their son:

In December Bryant announced the birth of his daughter, Isabella Rose. Photos of Isabella appear on Nash’s Instgram.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on the radio on Wednesday that he was been working to find the video since September, in addition to Florio and other major reporters. Deadspin has offered to buy the video and publish it on its site. 

We’ve reached out to Roc Nation, the agency that represents Bryant, for comment. Here’s the full police report from NFL.com:

Wal-Mart Police report, 2011

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