Police Raids Have Helped Put A More Realistic Price On Schapelle Corby Interview

Schapelle CorbySchapelle Corby. Getty / Puta Sayoga

Public estimates of how much money Channel 7 offered Schapelle Corby for an exclusive media deal have dropped dramatically after a police raid on the TV network’s headquarters this morning.

Early reports valued an exclusive media deal at $3 million last week. That estimate has since fallen to $500,000 – a sixth the original sum.

Channel 7 executive Bruce McWiliam today said that Seven had offered well under $1 million for the Schapelle Corby interview, but had not yet reached an agreement with the Corby family.

According to The Guardian, the Corbys were offered less than $500,000 for an exclusive Sunday Night TV and New Idea magazine interview with Schapelle Corby.

“The sad thing is that they think there is a $3 million [deal] which sadly there isn’t,” McWiliam told The Australian. “It probably falls far short of what someone in the federal police imagines it should say. It’s a very small figure.”

Australian and Indonesian authorities have urged Corby not to agree to an interview, with Indonesian authorities warning that it could land her back in prison and Australian authorities likely to seize any profits deemed to be proceeds of crime.

Australian Federal Police raided the Channel 7’s Sydney headquarters as part of an investigation into proceeds of crime payments. McWiliam said a senior government minister later apologised for the raid.

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