Police raided three Sydney properties today investigating alleged corrupt commissions involving a former NAB supplier

Getty ImagesPolice conduct raid operations in NSW, September, 2014.

  • Police have raided two offices and a residence in Sydney.
  • The raid is part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of corrupt commissions being paid for contracts.
  • The allegations reportedly involve a former supplier of NAB.
  • The bank is fully cooperating with the police investigation.

  • Police have raided two offices and a residence in Sydney on Tuesday as part of an investigation into allegations of a multi-million-dollar corporate fraud involving a former supplier to NAB.

    Police established Strike Force Napthali earlier this year to investigate allegations of corrupt commissions being paid for contracts. This morning the taskforce executed the search warrants at businesses at North Sydney and Milsons Point, and a home at Potts Point.

    They seized large amounts of documents and hard drives during the raids, to be examined by the squad’s forensic accountants.

    The supplier “would allegedly receive corrupt commissions to authorise payments by a financial institution of invoices for a contractor, which were in excess of the agreed value of the contract,” police said.

    NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn told NAB senior leaders today that the bank is aware of the search warrant involving a former supplier and that the bank was fully cooperating with police on the investigation.

    “This matter has been investigated by us, and was reported quickly to police, and we will continue to fully cooperate with them,” he said.

    “The people under investigation no longer work with the bank, or are involved with us.

    “There are no customers involved or impacted.”

    He added: “Our focus must remain on serving our customers with professionalism and integrity.”

    Financial Crimes Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Linda Howlett, said detectives have been working tirelessly to track payments and other funds to determine if an offence has been committed.

    “From the information we have gathered so far, we know there are people who have significant information that may assist us, and we are appealing for them to come forward.

    “These investigations are complex and often protracted, but it’s likely even a small piece of valuable information or insight could assist us in resolving the matter swiftly.”

    The NAB says it will not be commenting further on the incident while this remains under police investigation.

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