Police Raid Louis Moore Bacon's Vacation Home

louis bacon moore

Photo: turtletrader.com

Louis Moore Bacon’s property in Lyford Cay in the Bahamas was apparently raided recently because of four military grade speakers that were sitting on it.This is one of the stranger stories you’ll read today.

A Bahamian paper, The Bahama Journal, says:

For weeks there has been much speculation about how the four pieces of military grade sound equipment got in the posh, gated community.

The speakers are said to emit certain frequencies of irritating and annoying soundwaves that could possibly stretch over a wide range… if used properly, the speakers have the potential to cause structural damage and even death.

A Nygard Cay Property Manager, Eric Gibson, apparently said that before the speakers were taken away, he heard them make awful noises:

“They would find the most annoying sounds like anything with a high string, or anything with a high pitch that they could play, and they would just play the sounds as loudly as they possibly could.”

And on a whim, he takes a random and unfounded stab at why the speakers were there in the first place:

“I think the sounds are being directed at Peter Nygard [international fashion designer and Nygard Cay owner], who usually sleeps in his boat, which is just 10 feet away from where the speakers were erected.”

There may or may not be charges related to the speakers, says the Bahama Journal.

It is also understood that some charges could be filed soon regarding this incident.

This is the second time Moore’s Bahamian house is the location of a scandal. A few months ago, a naked man was found dead in his hot tub.

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