Police Puzzled By Apparent Murder-Suicide Of Affluent Mother And Children

murch familyThe Murch family. Police believe mother Cathy shot her two children before killing herself yesterday.

Photo: Facebook

Police in St. Louis, Mo., are investigating the apparent murder-suicide of a seemingly happy mother and her young children.Investigators believe that Cathy Murch shot her 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter as her husband read a book downstairs, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The Murches are described by neighbours as devoted Catholics who always seemed happy. They live in a $520,000 house in the wealthy suburb of Glendale, local news station Fox2Now said.

Cathy’s husband, Mitch, said he was reading downstairs and heard a gunshot he thought came from outside. He called authorities after he found the bodies.

He tried to perform CPR on his son, Mitch, but both the boy and his sister Mary Claire died.

Police found no apparent suicide note, the Post-Dispatch reported. neighbours interviewed by local media all expressed shock and said they didn’t see any warning signs. Police interviewed her husband but said he isn’t a suspect.

Cathy Murch’s Facebook page is full of pictures of her husband, dog and children. The last public photo she posted, on May 6, is a picture of her with her daughter at First Communion.

“My little ladybug!” Murch wrote.

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