A Philadelphia man was robbed and killed after delivering a pizza to an abandoned house — and police say it fits into a recent pattern

Shannon O’Hara/Getty ImagesPhiladelphia Police believe the pizza delivery man was lured into a trap.
  • On Tuesday, somebody ordered a pizza to a vacant house in Philadelphia.
  • Bobby Jenkins, 30, made the delivery.
  • Police said Jenkins was then robbed and shot dead at the scene.
  • In a press conference Wednesday, authorities said they believe this was an ambush, as it fits into a recent pattern of robberies in the area.

On Tuesday, someone ordered a pizza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But when the delivery man went to drop off the food, he was robbed and killed in what police suspect was an ambush, BuzzFeed News reported.

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department Confirmed to INSIDER that Bobby Jenkins, 30, was shot and killed when he made the delivery on Tuesday night.

Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith said in a press conference on Wednesday that they believe Jenkins was lured into a trap.

While making the delivery for Stacy’s Pizza, Smith said, Jenkins was confronted and robbed by at least one armed person inside the vacant home. Smith said the suspects likely entered the home, which is under construction, through the rear door.

Smith said Jenkins had been shot when officers arrived on the scene at 7:12 p.m., and he was pronounced dead at the hospital at 7:31 p.m.

Authorities say the incident fits into a larger pattern in the city. “We are looking into the possibility that this is not an isolated incident,” Smith said. “There was an additional robbery of a delivery person committed on Sunday, February 17 … which bears a strong resemblance.”

The driver in the Sunday case was robbed, but not killed. But the similarities are abundant, police said. In both cases, a delivery person was robbed at an abandoned house with a backdoor forced open, Smith said.

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The police captain cautioned businesses fielding delivery orders and the drivers making them to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

“We know that these tend to run in patterns,” Smith said. “Individuals get a taste for it, so to speak. And then they start committing these sort of robberies.”

Jenkins had worked for Stacy’s Pizza for three weeks when he was fatally shot, his friend Chloe Saunders told CBS Philly.

“He’s trying to make some extra money to start his own business and three weeks shy, it was taken away from him,” Saunders said. “It’s unfortunate you can’t feel safe in your own neighbourhoods.”

At this time, police said they have not identified any possible suspects. Police told INSIDER that the investigation remains ongoing.

“My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of Mr. Jenkins,” Smith said. “This is truly a senseless tragedy.”

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