Police In Victoria Shot A Man Dead Last Night After His Son, 11, Was Killed By A Cricket Bat

Picture: Channel Nine

A Melbourne man and his son are dead after a horrific incident at a sports oval on the Mornington Peninsula overnight.

Witnesses say Luke Batty, 11, died after being bashed with a cricket bat.

When police arrived on the scene, they were confronted by the boy’s father, a 54-year-old Chelsea Heights resident.

The man later died in hospital after being shot by police, who say he was brandishing a knife at them and refused to stand down even after he was sprayed with capsicum spray.

Witnesses say the boy and his father had an “altercation” before the attack.

Speaking to Fairfax Radio, Commander Fryer said the incident involved other locations.

There are also reports of a custody battle between the boy’s parents.

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