Police In Qatar Have A Gigantic Fleet Of Porsches

Qatar’s recent National Day parade was like that in many other countries: it featured military and police vehicles.

Unlike those other countries, Qatar has cash to burn and a sultan’s taste for the good life. The vehicles of choice? Porsche Cayennes and Panameras.

It’s not unusual to hear about police departments that have a supercar as a showpiece or a special-duty vehicle, but a fleet of them is well outside the norm. Of course, the same is also true about Qatar.

To say that the Connecticut-sized desert peninsula has some extra change in the sofa cushions is a bit of an understatement: Qatar essentially floats on oil and natural gas, and has the highest per-capita GDP on Earth.

There may be more rational choices for police duty than the super-luxe Porsche’s (like the Toyota Land Cruisers tucked further back in line in the video below), and Qatar is hardly infested with criminals in the first place, but a bit of extra high-speed pursuit capability never hurts.

The government-controlled Qatar Holdings investment authority also holds a good quantity of Porsche and Volkswagen AG shares, so why not?

As impressive as a cop-car Panamera is, though, we have to think that the air conditioner probably isn’t as good as the one in a Crown Vic.

This post originally appeared at Jalopnik.