Police Have Arrested Rolf Harris Again, Citing 'Further Allegations'

British police have again arrested “Yewtree 5” – their codename for the 83-year-old Berkshire man that mainstream media claim is Rolf Harris.

The Australian entertainer was first arrested in March and bailed during Operation Yewtree, as the fallout from the Jimmy Savile sex scandal engulfed the UK entertainment industry.

Officers stressed that the allegations against Harris weren’t linked to the scandal, only that he “was in the public spotlight at around that time”.

Now they say the entertainer will have to fight “new allegations”.

“He has returned on bail today where he was further arrested on suspicion of sexual offences in connection with further allegations made to Operation Yewtree,” the Metropolitan Police said.

Harris’s bail runs until later this month.

So far 13 people have been arrested under Operation Yewtree, with two charged.

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