Police Found 11 Guns In The Home Of The Baltimore High School Shooting Suspect's Mother

robert gladden mugshot

Photo: Baltimore Court Police via WBAL

The 15-year-old accused of seriously injuring one student Monday in a school shooting at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County was no stranger to guns.Following the shooting, police searched Robert Gladden’s mother’s house and found 11 guns, including two antique pistols as well as rifles, WBAL reported Wednesday.

Gladden’s stepfather is now facing charges for those guns.

Gladden’s father has also faced gun charges. Police seized a 12-gauge shotgun from the man’s home in 2010.

Gladden was home at the time of the 2010 search, WBAL reported.

The double-barreled antique shotgun Gladden allegedly used Monday reportedly came from his father’s house.

Gladden’s attorneys have argued their client accidentally shot 17-year-old special needs student Daniel Borowy. Gladden only brought the gun to school to scare bullies, his lawyers say.

Gladden was scheduled to be arraigned this week but that has been postponed while his medical evaluation continues, according to WBAL.

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