Photos Of 513 Migrant Workers Jammed In 2 Trucks Bound For The US

Hate your commute?

These photos might make you feel better.

Police in Chiapas, Mexico, x-rayed a couple of trucks headed for the US and found 513 migrant workers jammed inside. The truckers were mindful of space-efficiency: Some of the workers were standing, clinging to cargo nets. Others were sitting and lying on the floor.

(OK, it actually doesn’t look all that different from the New York subway at rush hour. But still…)

It’s hard to look at these photos without feeling sympathy for the lengths some folks will go to to take jobs Americans don’t want. It’s also hard to know who to be mad at: The migrants? The truckers? Farmers who hire illegal immigrants for next-to-nothing? Minimum wage laws that make it harder for this work from being done legally? Welfare that encourages Americans not to do these jobs? Porous borders? All of the above?


[credit provider=”Chiapas Government”]

Mexican Migrant Workers In Truck

[credit provider=”Chiapas Government”]

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