Police examining a GoPro stumbled on footage of the horrifying gang rape of a teenage girl

Police investigating graffiti vandalism in western Sydney have discovered video evidence of a 16-year-old girl, allegedly being raped at a party in May, filmed using a GoPro camera.

The alleged assault reportedly took place at a house party in the western Sydney suburb of St Clair. Police said the victim was either unconscious or semi-conscious during the attack.

“The incident had not been reported to police but the teenage girl has since been identified and spoken to,” detective chief inspector, child abuse squad, Peter Yeomans said.

“Police will allege up to eight males were in the room at the time of the assaults, with a number of them sexually assaulting the girl.”

Four men in the early 20s and one 17-year-old teenager have been arrested and charged with a range of offences in relation to the crime.

All five of the accused attackers were refused bail and are set to appear in Penrith and Mt Druitt courts today.

Yeomans said the victim was receiving counselling.

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