UPDATE: Police Have Discovered A Paper Trail Of Packages Delivered To James Holmes

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12:40 EDT: Police are trying to enter ‘Dark Knight Rises’ shooting suspect James Holmes’ Aurora apartment.

They have defused the trip wire and incendiary device, according to reports crossing the wire now.

UPDATE 13:43 EDT: Police have successfully executed a controlled detonation, according to @AuroraPD.

Police spokeswoman Cassidee Carlson released a statement: “The controlled detonation was successful. Still more work to be done in the apartment to include dealing with other devices. There is a possibility of more controlled detonations. We will keep you updated. Streets open now.”

UPDATE 15:36 EDT: Police have disabled a second triggering device by controlled detonation. An official update (via @AuroraPD) reports that authorities “are hopeful we have eliminated the remaining major threats” but “will not know for sure until we enter the apartment.” They are now collecting evidence and “mitigating those hazards” that remain inside, and “there is a possibility of more controlled disruptions to occur.”

UPDATE 16:50 EDT: In a press conference Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said that authorities discovered evidence of numerous packages commercially delivered to Holmes’ home and workplace. He added that this this seems to be the primary way Holmes obtained the magazines, ammunition and the incendiary materials in his apartment, noting that he obtained it all legally.

Police are hopeful that the bomb squad can finish by 9 p.m. EDT and allow tenants from the adjoining buildings to return. Evidence collection in Holmes’ apartment is ongoing.

The apartment contained with trip wires, jars of suspected explosives, ammunition and what appeared to be mortar rounds, according to the Telegraph. Holmes notified police that his apartment was rigged when he turned himself in after the horrific shooting at a Dark Knight Rises showing that left 12 dead.Five nearby buildings have been evacuated around and a perimeter of several blocks was set up around the apartment.

Yesterday Oates said: “I’ve personally never seen anything like what we’ve found in there.”

More as this story develops.

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