A police dog was stuck with 200 porcupine quills during the pursuit of a suspect

Post-quilling. Odin & Raven Coos County Sheriff’s K9’s/Facebook
  • A K-9 dog got stuck with over 200 porcupine quills on Saturday night.
  • Police in Coos Bay, Oregon, were in pursuit of a suspect with “several felony warrants.”
  • The search was called off after the dog was quilled.
  • The animal was taken to receive medical care.
  • The dog was fine and attended a community event the next day.
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Police were in hot pursuit of a suspect until their plans were suddenly derailed.

On Saturday, Authorities in Coos Bay, Oregon were in pursuit of a suspect with “several felony warrants,” they said in a statement. They had even brought a K-9 police agent along with them. But the chase was derailed when the dog, Odin, encountered a porcupine.

“During a long and active track, Odin encountered a porcupine in the path, and was stuck over 200 times,” said a statement from the Coos County Sheriff’s Office. “Several of the quills went inside Odin’s mouth and two near his left eye.”

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After this, “the track was immediately suspended,” per the statement. Odin was taken to an animal hospital where he was treated for two hours.

And – good news! – he’s expected to be fine.

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The next day, he attended a community event for Easter.

“Odin is doing very well, and is recovering at home,” said Capt. Gabriel Fabrizio told Komo News. “He will have a follow-up check in one week to ensure there are no issues with his left eye, which was barely missed by some quills, but appears OK at this time.”