Police Discover A Marijuana Farm Inside UK Bank NatWest

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Police raided an abandoned bank and found a $1.6 million marijuana farm and two Vietnamese men hiding among the plants, who are obviously the main suspects. There are five more suspects, as well.

According to the Daily Mirror, more than 2,000 plants were growing inside the bank – including the former vault.

And get this – the bank is located on High Street.

“It is rare to find an operation of this size in a building like this on such a busy road,” one said.

Also inside the bank: $6.4 million of pot. But it’s no wonder the farmers were able to grow so much. They had fully set up the bank in optimal marijuana growing conditions.

The police found heating lights that the farmers had attached to cables that somehow bypassed the electricity meter (so no one could tell that someone was using electricity in the bank.)

And the farmers had stocked the bank with plenty of inventory: tubs of fertiliser and 40 bags of soil.

Read more about the weed bank on the Mirror Uk >

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