Police Could Pick Drunks Out Of Crowd With This New Facial Recognition Technology


Photo: Flickrftbester

Scientists are working on providing police with even more biometrics to pick ‘persons of interest’ out of the crowd — this time, those people are drunk.Nidhi Subbaraman of MIT Review reports that scientists are working on infrared facial recognition algorithms that will map the heat along the surface of the face.

Drunks, it turns out, have certain patterns of heat along their faces. As Liat Clarke of Wired put it, the scientists found that “when inebriated, an individual’s nose tends to become warmer while their forehead remains far cooler.”

The scientists note that many factors—such as joggers, people with abnormal circulation, etc.—can skew results of the imaging, but they’re confident that combining the technology with an interface for experienced human users (e.g. police officers) will yield accurate results.

Subbaraman notes that with a long-distance drunk detector, cops “could scan a person’s face from across the street before approaching them with nosy questions or testing their balance with absurd walking tests.”

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