Daimler’s shareholder meeting turned into a fight over sausages

With the approval of the biggest dividend in the company’s history, German car maker Daimler AG’s shareholder meeting was supposed to be a chance to celebrate.

But that was ruined when two guests got into a fight over sausages.

As Bloomberg reports, police had to be called after a man began “packing away” multiple sausages from the buffet.

When a woman intervened the two got into a “verbal altercation.”

Company Chairman Manfred Bischoff noted in the aftermath that “either we need more sausages, or we’ll have to get rid of the sausages entirely.”

Bloomberg added that the dividend cost of a share (€3.25) would be enough for double pack of sausages at German discount supermarket Aldi.

Daimler AG is one of the biggest luxury car makers in the world. It owns Mercedes-Benz and has shares in Smart Cars, Mitsubishi, and Renault-Nissan amongst others.

Last year it even discussed collaborations with Apple and Google about revolutionary in-car software.

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