Police At Chicago-Area High Schools Want To Bring Rifles To Campus

man shooting rifle

Photo: AMagill/Flickr

Despite the fact the city hasn’t had any campus shootings, police in south suburban Plainfield, Ill., want to be prepared.The Plainfield Police Department wants to keep a rifle in the offices of high school police officers, NBC 5 Chicago reported Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, in today’s society active shooter incidents are no longer something we see on TV,” Police Chief John Konopek said. “They are reality.”

Plainfield is home to four high schools.

The department is specifically requesting to keep long guns such as AR15s in locked gun safes at the schools.

“We have found, through our training, officers are much better equipped to handle this type of incident utilising a long gun … rather than a handgun,” Konopek said, according to NBC5.

A school board committee is scheduled to review the request next month.

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