Police Are Hunting Three Men Linked To The Teenage Terror Suspect Shot Dead In Melbourne

Detectives at the scene where Haider was shot dead after stabbing two police officers.

Police are investigating the final movements of Abdul Numan Haider in an effort to track down and identify three men with whom he shared a final meal before being shot dead in Melbourne.

Haider reportedly had a telephone conversation with police from a fast food restaurant not far from where he was shot in Endeavour Hills, The Australian reports.

Detectives have reviewed Hungry Jack’s security footage and questioned staff in the hope of uncovering the identities of the men and determine if they were involved in the events that led to Haider’s demise.

Police fatally wounded the 18-year-old after he stabbed two officers outside the Endeavour Hills Police Station and allegedly made threats towards Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Investigators are also attempting to track down a man who may have accompanied Haider to the station after a local shop owner informed authorities that he witnessed an individual, dressed in traditional Islamic clothing, watching the confrontation unfold.

Meanwhile, children at a western Sydney Muslim school, Al-Faisal College in Minto, were forced to hide under their desks after an armed man, described as of Pacific Island appearance, entered school grounds and allegedly threatened people.

No one was harmed during the incident and police are still investigating the matter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this story mentioned claims that an ADF officer had been attacked by two men in Sydney yesterday. The allegation has since been withdrawn and the story amended accordingly.

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