The NYPD and the DEA just teamed up to take down a massive synthetic drug ring

The NYPD and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) took down a massive New York City drug ring on Wednesday.

The drug ring was capable of producing thousands of packages of synthetic cannabinoids, a dangerous cocktail of chemicals sprayed onto plant material and meant to mimic the effects of a marijuana high.

The psychoactive drug, also known as K2 or synthetic marijuana, has been known to produce unpredictable, and sometimes deadly effects. The drugs have been responsible for 2,300 emergency room visits in New York City over a recent two month period.

Law enforcement officers seized around 300,000 “street-ready” packages of synthetic cannabinoids from 93 different New York City bodegas and delis and five suspected production warehouses, DEA spokeswoman Erin Mulvey told Business Insider.

The raid also yielded “three truckloads” of precursor chemicals and supplies capable of producing thousands more packages.

In addition, ten individuals were arrested and indicted, including three who are suspected of being major players in the drug ring. If found guilty, each could face a maximum of 20 years in prison, the New York Times reports.

Mulvey believes the organisation was a major player in synthetic drug trade in New York City.

“I do believe they were one of the larger players in the New York synthetic cannabinoid scene,” Mulvey said. “They had a very significant amount of product and precursor chemicals to supply the city with millions of doses of synthetic cannabinoids.”

Mulvey noted that the DEA is still looking into the organisations chemical supplier in China, as well as a money trail into foreign countries.

Synthetic cannabinoidMatthew Speiser/Business InsiderA woman holds out a blunt filled with the synthetic cannabinoid known as K in New York City on September 9. 2015.

The operation was the culmination of a one-year DEA investigation into the drug ring, and makes good on New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s promise to crack down on the drug he calls “weaponised marijuana.” The drugs have become popular among the city’s homeless population due to their low cost and potency.

“This is a scourge on our society, affecting the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods and our most challenged citizens,” Bratton said in a statement following the operation. “It affects teenagers in public housing, homeless in the city shelter system, and it’s quite literally flooding our streets. This is marketed as synthetic marijuana, some call it K2. It is sold by the names of Galaxy, Diamond, Rush, and Matrix. But its real name is poison.”

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