Poland Is Looking For An Investor To Turn Hitler’s Secret Lair Into A Tourist Attraction

Hitler Mussolini Wolfs Lair
Hitler and Mussolini survey the bunker after the 1944 assassination attempt.

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Polish forestry officials are looking for an investor in order to turn Adolf Hitler’s hidden “Wolf Lair” (aka Wolfsschanze) into a tourist attraction, reports the Daily Mail.The lair, hidden among the trees in Poland’s Mazurien forest, served as a small headquarters for Hitler during World War II. It was destroyed as the Nazis retreated in 1945.

The site is most famous for housing an assasination attempt against Hitler in 1944, made famous in the 2008 Tom Cruise film Valkyrie.

The lair is usually open to the public, but only accessible via a dirt road. Additionally, the Warsaw Business Journal reports that the lease on the property has expired meaning the site is temporarily closed. Poland’s State Forests National Forest Holding is reportedly looking for a new lessee and investor. 

Investment in the headquarters would allow it to become easily reachable as well as enable the building of a museum. Authorities are currently looking for a new lessee who will be expected to maintain the property for the next 20 years. 

According to the Daily Mail, the lair, which is situated near the Russian border was built to provide protection to Hitler from allied air raids. It was surrounded by an enormous minefield, which apparently took 10 years to clear after the end of the war.