For the first time ever, a major Pokemon game is coming to a Nintendo console

It might be tough to believe, but “Pokémon” has been an omnipresent media force for more than 20 years. “Pokémon Red and Blue” graced the GameBoy handheld console in February 1996, kickstarting a pocket monsters zeitgeist that never really ended.

Throughout its entire run, the core series of turn-based role-playing games about collecting the eccentric critters has never left Nintendo’s line of handheld consoles. There have been spin-off games (such as the excellent “Pokémon Snap”) on the home consoles, but the real thing has always been a strictly on-the-go experience.

Until now.

Pokemon sun and moon rideGame Freak‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ allows players to ride certain Pokémon.

“Pokémon Sun and Moon,” the newest game in the series that was just released this week, will reportedly come to Nintendo’s new Switch console in 2017. This comes from Eurogamer, the same publication that blew the lid off of Switch during the summer.

The project is codenamed “Pokémon Stars,” putting it in line with the rest of the series. Traditionally, some time after the two games that kick off each “Pokémon” generation, a third game with some enhancements is released. “Pokémon Yellow” came after “Pokémon Red and Blue,” for example.

“Pokémon Stars” will follow in those footsteps by providing a high definition, spruced up version of “Sun and Moon.” Whether it has meaningful additions to the game beyond looking better remains to be seen, but it’s safe to assume it will add something.

Calling it the first “Pokémon” game to come to a Nintendo home console is a bit of a technicality, as Switch can be played either as a home or handheld console. The platform, which launches in March 2017, will play the same games whether it’s connected to a television or not.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Nintendo yet, but Eurogamer has a good track record. Nintendo is holding an event to announce more about the Switch on January 12.

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