After 20 years, Pokémon is reviving its cult classic ‘Pokémon Snap’ for the Nintendo Switch

  • After more than 20 years, Nintendo on Wednesday announced plans for a sequel to the beloved Nintendo 64 classic “Pokémon Snap.”
  • The sequel is simply titled “New Pokémon Snap,” and the game is coming to Nintendo’s Switch console.
  • The new entry takes place across a series of islands populated by a variety of wild Pokémon.
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On Wednesday morning, over 20 years after the original game launched, Nintendo surprised Pokémon fans everywhere with the sequel to the beloved Nintendo 64 game “Pokémon Snap.”

The game, which is called “New Pokémon Snap,” is a continuation of the gameplay of the original: Instead of capturing and battling with Pokémon, players take photos of them.

It’s a kind of safari-as-game, in which players tour islands full of wild Pokémon just waiting to be captured on digital film.

New Pokemon Snap

All those photos aren’t just for fun – the intention with the first game was to fill up your Pokémon encyclopaedia – known as a Pokédex – while on safari.

Nintendo has yet to offer much detail on the new game, but we know it’s set for release “soon” on the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the debut trailer for “New Pokémon Snap” right here: