This highly coveted ‘Pokémon Go’ accessory is arriving early for some lucky folks

“Pokémon Go,” the mobile gaming phenomenon that aims to make America walk again, has a new accessory: It’s called “Pokémon Go” Plus. Behold!

Pokemon Go Plus

The little device is an accessory that you sync with your phone (and thus, the game) via Bluetooth, allowing you to capture Pokémon and collect items from Pokéstops without pulling out your phone. You can even wear it as a bracelet.

Pokemon Go Plus Wearable

And that’s important, because “Pokémon Go” is great at eating phone battery; using the “Pokémon Go” Plus accessory means you can play for longer without having to keep your phone out and on. Remember, folks: The number one phone battery drainer is leaving your screen on, especially at a high brightness setting.

The accessory was supposed to arrive earlier this summer — “Pokémon Go” launched in North America on July 6, and Plus was supposed to arrive soon after for $34.99. Like many other plans the game’s developer, Niantic Labs, had for “Pokémon Go,” the Plus was delayed as the crushing weight of tens of millions of people voraciously consuming “Pokémon Go” was handled. 

This Friday, September 16, it finally arrives. And some lucky folks are already getting them:

That’s from Twitter user Frank Elliott, a man who works in video game PR. He’s not alone!

Another Twitter user calling himself Kristoffer Amundsen has this unboxing:

Those are the only two people that we’ve found so far who’ve received the accessory, but assuredly more have.

Of course, you’ll need the latest update to “Pokémon Go” in order to use the Plus. It’s currently rolling out to Android users, with an expected iOS launch on Tuesday or Wednesday (perhaps after iOS 10 rolls out?).

Regardless: Keep an eye on your mailbox, as the Plus may arrive sooner than you expect. 



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