Pokémon Go hackers are taking over gyms with unbeatable eggs

Gyms in Pokémon Go are supposed to be places for Pokémon to train and fight each other. But thanks to an exploit discovered in the game’s code, hackers are taking over gyms with eggs that are literally unbeatable.

Reports surfaced over the weekend on Reddit of gyms being taken over by eggs, which are intended to hatch Pokémon in the game — not fight.

“Can anyone explain this?,” wrote one Redditor. “I see a 0cp egg in a gym and can’t attack.”

A YouTube video shows a gym at The New York Times building in New York City that was taken over by an egg. The player is unable to place any Pokémon in the gym to fight due to the hack.

Holding a gym is the main way to earn coins in Pokémon Go, so these egg hackers are collecting coins indefinitely until they’re blocked by the game’s developer, Niantic.

We reached out to Niantic about this hack and will update this piece if we learn more.

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