It looks like Pokémon Go is doing a big partnership with Starbucks

GettyImages 580960926GettyA Pokémon Go player in New York City’s Times Square.

Pokémon Go is planning a partnership with Starbucks that will begin on December 8, according to an alleged Starbucks employee memo that has been leaked on Reddit.

The partnership will turn Starbucks locations into special ‘Pokéstops’ and gyms in the game. The memo states that the partnership will begin on December 8 and also give players access to a special Pokémon-themed Frappuccino.

It’s unclear how many stores will be included in the promotion, and if the partnership will only happen in the United States.

Niantic Labs hasn’t responded to Business Insider’s request for comment. Starbucks declined to comment.

Some Pokémon Go players on Reddit have speculated that Niantic will use the Starbucks promotion to release a new Pokémon into the wild, but the leaked memo makes no mention of that theory.

This wouldn’t be the first time Niantic has partnered with huge brand to promote Pokémon Go — McDonalds turned its locations into sponsored 
Pokéstops in Japan earlier this year.

Niantic has yet to reveal how much money it’s made from Pokémon Go, but the game has stayed near the top of the App Store’s top grossing chart since it was released this summer.

Here’s part of the leaked Starbucks memo:

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