Two people fell off a cliff while playing 'Pokémon GO'

Two men were too wrapped up playing “Pokémon GO” while on a walk along beachside bluffs in Southern California to notice they were about to go tumbling over a cliff.

The accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon in Encinitas, California — in San Diego County — and neither man was seriously hurt. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, which spoke with Encinitas Fire Batallion Chief Robbie Ford, neither man sustained serious injuries. Both men were taken to a trauma center in La Jolla, California.

So, what happened?

According to Ford, the two men were playing “Pokémon GO” while walking along the bluffs in Encinitas. Just after 1 p.m., the two men accidentally fell over the bluff — one man “fell about 50 feet down the cliff” while the other fell 80 to 90 feet to the beach below. The names and ages of the two men were not given.

This is the second incident this week involving injuries related to negligence while playing “Pokémon GO.” On Tuesday night, a 28-year-old male crashed into a tree in Auburn, New York. He was playing “Pokémon GO” when the crash occurred, according to police reports.

There are also a litany of crimes attached to “Pokémon GO.” In one instance, four men are accused of robbing “Pokémon GO” players who were attracted a Pokéstop — real-world locations where you can earn in-game items. As such, police departments all over the world are warning players to be extra careful of their surroundings.

The same goes for folks playing the game in potentially dangerous areas — like, say, alongside beach cliffs. The long and short is this: Be aware of the world around you while playing “Pokémon GO.” It’s a delightful game, but it’s a lot less delightful to play with a broken bone from a long, accidental fall.

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