We just learned about some more big changes coming to 'Pokémon Go'

Anticipation is high for what’s coming next to Pokémon Go.

The game’s creator, Niantic Labs, has hinted that new Pokémon are coming next week. Players think this could mean they will finally be able to catch “Legendary” creatures like Mewtwo or even the next generation of creatures.

Thanks to new code found in the game’s most recent update that’s been uncovered by The Silph Road, we have a good idea about which features to expect:

Pokémon genders hint that they may be able to breed.

Cartoon Network / The Pokemon Company

Both male and female genders are now referenced in the game's code, according to The Silph Road. It's unclear exactly how genders will be implemented, but they could be used in the future to allow for Pokémon breeding through eggs.

A separate 'baby' reference for the game's buddy system further supports the theory that breeding is coming in a future update.

Ultra-rare 'shiny' Pokémon will be catchable.

Not necessarily what a shiny Charizard will look like.

More references to 'shiny' Pokémon have been uncovered, which are especially rare versions of existing Pokémon in different colours from the original games.

Shiny Pokémon will likely be hard to find and seen as collector items, as they were in the traditional card-collecting game.

You'll be able to customise your trainer avatar and make Pokémon wear special costumes.

The Silph Road has found more code references to trainer customisation, which should let you change aspects of its physical appearance for free and possibly through in-app purchases.

A 'holiday' costume reference for Pokémon has also been found, which coincides with the recent announcement from Niantic that said more was coming to the game around the December holidays.

There are still questions around when we'll see Legendary Pokémon and the second generation of creatures.

Cartoon Network / The Pokemon Company
In the second generation of Pokémon, Eevee evolves into Espeon and Umbreon.

There's no direct evidence to support that new Pokémon are being unleashed in the game soon, although references to the few Legendaries and second generation of creatures are still in the code base.

'It may be that Niantic is sorting out shiny Pokemon and genders before introducing Gen 2,' according to The Silph Road.

Niantic has a big announcement planned for Pokémon Go on December 12, so we'll know more then.

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