'Pokémon Go' is set to fuel interest in augmented reality jobs

Thousands of people in the UK are looking for jobs that involves virtual reality or augmented reality in some shape or form, according to data from global jobs site Indeed.

The company published data on Wednesday showing that job searches for augmented reality and virtual reality related roles climbed to over 12 million in the second quarter of the year in the UK, up from around six million at the end of the first quarter.

It’s likely that some individuals carried out multiple searches on Indeed’s site (hence the very high number) but the surge is undeniable even if that is the case.

Indeed expects the surge to continue thanks to the augmented reality “Pokémon Go” game which has taken the world by storm over the last month.

Indeed’s UK managing director, Bill Richards, said: “The Pokémon Go effect could be a game-changer because it’s likely to focus attention on a range of skills from programming and design to art and 3D modelling. These could be the hot jobs of the future.

“Employers may soon need an army of augmented reality architects to design the virtual worlds we’ll all be accessing. The smartest thing companies can do to be part of this trend, is to hire switched-on, open-minded, and tech-savvy individuals to help them build workplaces of the future.”

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