Here are the creatures you can catch during this week's special Pokémon Go event

Pokemon GO Adventure Week AssetNianticIt’s Aerodactyl!

Pokémon Go creator Niantic Labs is currently throwing an in-game celebration, dubbed Adventure Week, that rewards players with a handful of bonuses.

One of those bonuses is the increased spawning of certain rock-type Pokémon, including rare creatures like Aerodactyl.

To help the game’s 65 million players know which Pokémon will spawn more frequently over the following week, a Reddit user named Sralladah made this handy chart:

One Pokémon left off the chart is Slugma, which evolves into Magcargo.

Here are the other in-game bonuses you should know about (all promotions end at 1:00 PM PDT on May 25):

  • Buddy Pokémon only need to walk one-quarter of the normal distance to find candy. So if a Pokémon that usually collects candy every 3 kilometers, they will only have to walk three-fourths of a kilometer.
  • More items can be collected from each Pokéstop.
  • A new adventurers hat is available for all trainers to wear in the game.

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