POGUE: The iPad Mini Is The Tablet You Should Buy This Christmas

ipad mini

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

David Pogue has a new column out where he reflects on a recent NPR appearance where he was asked over and over by listeners what kind of tablet they should buy for Christmas this year.Here’s the bullet-points version of his answer:

  • Don’t buy a knockoff.
  • If you want a classic e-reader, “The one you want is the Kindle PaperWhite.”
  • If you want a cheap e-reader/video player, “the Nook HD is the one to get.”
  • If you want a full-on tablet, he says to get the iPad because of its 270,000 apps. 
  • Of the iPads, he likes the iPad Mini best because it’s easiest to hold and carry around. He says the photographer’s adage “The best camera is the one you have with you,” applies to tablets, too.

Obviously, Pogue has much more nuance and colour in his column >

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