POGUE: Microsoft's Surface Tablet Is 'Spectacularly Designed' But The Software Is Terrible

Pogue on the Surface

New York Times gadget reviewer David Pogue says Microsoft’s iPad-rival, the Surface, is like a Ferrari that needs gas every three miles.

Its hardware is super well designed – “spectacularly,” Pogue says – but its software isn’t very good.

He likes:

  • Its longer and thinner shape, which is better for movies.
  • HD cameras on the front and back.
  • Lots of input slots.
  • Lots of storage.
  • The kickstand.
  • The cover that doubles as a keyboard. (But only the more expensive one with real keys.)

He doesn’t like:

  • The battery life.
  • The software, which doesn’t run old Windows programs.
  • The apps selection and quality.
  • No speech recognition.
  • No folders.
  • No guidance in maps.


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