POGUE: Forget The iPhone 5, It's A Weird Google Gadget That Really Excites Me

New York Times tech reviewer David Pogue has tried on a pair of Google’s computerized headset/glasses, called Google Glass, and he’s going bananas over them.

The reason: unlike the iPhone 5, the iPad 3, or Samsung’s latest tablet or phone called “Galaxy,” Google Glass is actually a NEW kind of gadget.

Google Glass sits on your face like the band of a pair of glasses, and you can, if you look up in a certain way, see a tiny computer screen.

“New gadgets — I mean whole new gadget categories — don’t come along very often,” he writes.

Here are some of Pogue’s excited observations:

  • Glass feels weightless. “You can’t believe how little they weigh…Glass is an absolutely astonishing feat of miniaturization and integration.”
  • The Glass screen disappears when you don’t want it, and seems as big as a laptop when you do. “The biggest triumph — and to me, the biggest surprise — is that the tiny screen is completely invisible when you’re talking or driving or reading. You just forget about it completely.”
  • You can interact with software in new ways. Pogue loaded a big photo into the Google Glass screen, and depending on where he turned his head, he could see it in different ways.
  • Google is working to make Glass perfect. “The speed and power, the tiny size and weight, the clarity and effectiveness of the audio and video, are beyond anything I could have imagined. The company is expending a lot of effort on design — hardware and software — which is absolutely the right approach for something as personal as a wearable gadget. And even in this early prototype, you already sense that Google is sweating over the clarity and simplicity of the experience — also a smart approach.”

There’s a lot more nuance to what Pogue has to say about Glass, and you can read it here >>

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