This Website Will Turn Your Tweets Into Poetry

PoetweetPoetweetPoetweet combines all of a user’s tweets and finding rhymes between them

Enter your Twitter handle into Poetweet and the website will transform your tweets into the poetry you always knew they were.

Once you sign in, Poetweet gives you the option of transforming your 140-character missives into three types of poems: a sonnet (popularised by Shakespeare), rondel (French lyric poetry), or indriso (a format created by Spanish poet Isidro Iturat).

After a brief minute, the service spits out a poem written with your own words.

The result is a bit disjointed, but that only adds to the appeal.

The website is the creation of the Brazil Contemporary Art center, b_arco, in Sao Paolo and the service is available in English and Portugese.

“The poems are made by combining all user tweets and finding rhymes between them, creating curious results and sometimes surreal,” the center explains via a web translator. “The site encourages the discussion of what is poetry and the final screen calls upon the interested: ‘How about now create real? Meet the cultural center b_arco.'”

Poetweet My tweets transformed into poetry by PoetweetMy tweets transformed into poetry by Poetweet

The art center offers creative writing workshops and launched Poetweet in order to spread the word about their programs.

You can create your own Twitter poetry here.

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