PODCAST: With Warren Hogan on Australia's economic future, the RBA, global stock highs and more

Heritage Images / Getty Images
With BI’s David Scutt, centre, and Warren Hogan, right.

There are some signs that Australia’s construction boom, which has cushioned the national economy as mining activity has fallen, is topping out. The question of what will drive future growth in the economy is now a major issue confronting the economy.

It’s one of the core themes in this week’s Devils and Details podcast. Our guest this week is Warren Hogan, one of Australia’s most eminent market economists and the former chief economist at ANZ Bank.

The agenda:

  • Australia’s next economic challenge
  • The inflation outlook and what happens next with the cash rate
  • Global stocks at record highs; bonds at record lows. What gives?
  • Holiday planning

You can listen in below, or find us on iTunes, where you can subscribe, rate us, and leave a review. Enjoy!

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