PODCAST: With JP Morgan's Kerry Craig on wages, property, and the shifting global economy

L-R: BI’s David Scutt, JP Morgan global market strategist Kerry Craig, and Paul Colgan.

Will you get a significant pay rise this year?

As we reported this week, there are some emerging economic signals which would favour a reversal of the decade-long decline in Australian wages growth. National income has had a boost and businesses are reporting the best conditions in years.

But falling wages growth has been a structural feature of the economy for a long time. In this week’s episode of our markets and economics podcast Devils and Details, we kick off by looking at whether this critical data set may be set to change direction. (Spoiler: it’s too early to get excited.)

Our guest is Kerry Craig, global markets strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management. Craig oversees the Australian component of the quarterly JP Morgan Guide to the Markets and joins us to share his expert views on a range of topics including the Australian domestic economy and how it might be affected by a shifting global picture in which China has been resilient and investors are waiting to see the details of Donald Trump’s economic policies.

During the show we also look at the property market, bonds, China, and the political risks in Europe. You can find the show on iTunes – where you can subscribe, rate us, and leave a review – or you can listen in below. Enjoy!

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