PODCAST: With David Bassanese on Australia's changing workforce, what central banks are missing, and our favourite data

With BI’s Greg McKenna, left, and David Bassanese of BetaShares, right. Everybody got the checked-shirt memo.

Our guest this week on the Devils and Details podcast is David Bassanese, chief economist at the $2.5-billion-plus ETF management company BetaShares.

Bassanese is a former government economist who went on to be an interest rates strategist and later a closely-followed economic commentator. Business Insider’s contributing editor for economics and markets Greg McKenna also makes his first appearance on the show. The agenda:

  • Are central banks now fighting the wrong war?
  • Australia’s corporate earnings season
  • The “casualisation” of Australia’s workforce through the creation of part-time jobs
  • What’s happening on currency markets and why the Aussie dollar is still so high
  • The data releases we follow to understand what’s happening in the economy

You can find the show on iTunes, where you can subscribe, rate us, and leave a review. Or you can listen in below. Enjoy.

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