PODCAST: With CBA strategist Elias Haddad on investment, currencies, the Fed, and life as expats

BI’s Paul Colgan, left, and David Scutt, right, with Commonwealth Bank senior currency strategist Elias Haddad, centre.

The wheels are turning in global markets again after a quiet few weeks through August. Australia has had a surprise in its business investment outlook and the US Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates in just a few weeks has become a major focus for global markets.

To discuss these interesting times we’re joined on this week’s Devils and Details podcast by Elias Haddad, a senior currency strategist at Australia’s biggest bank, the Commonwealth Bank.

The conversation with Haddad and Business Insider’s global markets and economics reporter David Scutt is a walk through what’s happening in Australia and abroad. Haddad explains why Australia has been a “significant magnet for foreign capital”, and we also talk about how focus is coming back on government spending when it comes to economic stimulus.

The agenda:

  • What Australia’s capex report is really all about (2:30)
  • Trends in Australian retail sales (12:00)
  • The US jobs report, wages growth, and the questions for the Fed (16:35)
  • Outlook for the Australian dollar (21:00)
  • Fiscal policy vs monetary policy, and the trouble with targeting budget deficits (23:30)
  • Some of the surprising things about Australian life when you’re an expat (27:30)

You can find the show on iTunes, where you can subscribe, rate us, and leave a review. You can also listen in below. Enjoy!