PODCAST: With ANZ’s Joanne Masters on inflation, retail, the RBA, and power prices

(L-R): BI editor-in-chief Paul Colgan, Joanne Masters of ANZ, and David Scutt. File photo.

Australia’s economy faces a range of challenges: low inflation, slow wages growth, and energy policy difficulties — some of which are reflected in higher power bills arriving at your door.

The Australian dollar has been rallying and the RBA governor declined the opportunity in a major speech this week to ping it lower. It’s a genuinely complex picture.

To pick it all apart we were joined on the podcast this week by Joanne Masters, senior economist at ANZ Bank. Masters is an expert on monetary policy and FX markets, and recently published a detailed research paper on factors in energy prices in Australia.

You can find the show on iTunes, or listen in below. Enjoy!