PODCAST: Australian property, Chinese capital controls, ASX reporting season, and the rugby

L-R: BI’s David Scutt, Chris Weston of IG Markets, and Paul Colgan.

Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the US federal government has suddenly created a new looming risk for financial markets worldwide.

It’s one of those increasingly common political risk questions investors need to try and manage, but often struggle with, as there’s no way of knowing how long it might go on for, if it even happens in the first place.

Back in Asia, China is sending clear signals that it is clamping down on capital flight. A retreat of Chinese investors from the Australian market invites questions about the impact on prices, especially for apartments, and we are seeing some unsettling problems for construction companies in Queensland.

We’re also coming to the end of ASX reporting season and the market remains stuck in its recent trading range, with little sign that it’s going to make much of a break either up or down.

And then there’s the appalling performance of the Wallabies last week against New Zealand.

So there’s quite a bit happening. To discuss it all we’re joined by Chris Weston, head of research at IG Markets in Australia, on this week’s episode of Devils and Details.

You can find the show on iTunes, or listen in below. Enjoy!

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